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Tina Anderson
Teacher silver Opal 3 Thirty years?%*@!Wow! For the past 21 years I have been living in Quebec, in a small village halfway in between Quebec City and Montreal. My husband and I have two sons and he has a daughter from his first marriage (I like to think of her as mine). All of our children are out of the house--the boys are away at university and our daughter lives on her own. Life is quite different here...I live and work in French (anybody out there remember French class with Madame Welborn?). Well, I finally understand what she was trying to teach us! I've been teaching English as a second language for fifteen years to post-secondary students in a pre-university (French)college. I became a Canadian citizen in 2006. I enjoy life in Quebec, but I really miss the mountains of WNC. I would love to see you guys, but unfortunately I can't get away from school. Enjoy the reunion...I'll look forward to seeing some pictures. Thanks to all the organizers...wish I could be there... I can't remember where we were, but I remember John Lackey insisting that I march the entire half-time show even though I had forgotten my cymbals. He told me to get out there, clap my hands, and not to miss a step! 2012-07-12 21:02:55
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Lee Banks
One Law Enforcement 2018-04-06 08:12:59
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Mary Barnes (Price)
Office Manager Rode the big yellow bus John Lackey 1 I got married in my senior year. Had my daughter in 1988... she graduated from good ole EHS in 2006. Went to AB Tech and got nursing degree. Worked in nursing for a while, then went to work at husband's heating business.Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2002 and had 6 months of chemotherapy. Have been cancer free now for 7 years. Seperated from husband in 2003 and have been single again since then. Morning of the last day of school Freshman and Kim Calvin bombed our bus driver (Mike Parker) with water ballons. John Carroll (principal at the time) threw us off the the bus for the rest of the year!! And all the band trips...oh what fun we did have!! 2012-08-06 14:53:38
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Ray Belcher
Profile picture
Profile picture
Self employed- owner mirror images enterprises 1970 Ford mustang Ms putnam 4 and 2 stepsons Got married in 1984, divorced in 1990. Remarried to a wonderful lady in 1991. Will be celebrating our 27 yr.anniversary this year. We start our business then.have been going strong since. Current live in the suburbs of atlanta Georgia. Have been here since 2002. 2018-04-21 15:13:28
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Richard Blackmon
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Government Employee 1967 Chevy Camaro Mr. Albach 4 I joined the Air Force out of High School and retired in April 2000. I worked as a morse code operator, jet engine mechanic and adjudicator, reviewing background investigations while in the USAF. After I retired, I continued working in Washington DC reviewing background investigations. I got married after high school and divorced after 23 years. We had 4 children and I also have 1 grand child. I am now single, but have been seeing a wonderful woman for the past year. I have lived in England, Crete Greece, Korea, Hawaii, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, and now Maryland. Since my divorce I have started to learn ballroom dancing. I still have family in the Asheville area and return to NC twice a year. 2012-08-06 14:53:38
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Mike Bryant
Regional Medical Sales Executive "the Blue Rooster" VW Bug Mrs. Anderson 2 I went to Appalachian State University for 6 years getting my B.A. & M.A. From there I moved to Jackson, Miss. & New Orleans for 6 years for work. Later, I moved to Birmingham. AL where I have remained. I married my lovely wife Denise in 1996 & we have 2 children: Alexander (5) & Elena (2). I have traveled alot in 30 years- Japan, Russia, Carribbean, etc. Too many to list or pick a favorite. 2012-08-06 14:53:38
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Teresa Burrell (Herrin)
2012-07-12 21:01:30
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Ronald Cody
2012-07-12 12:29:56
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Elizabeth Coffey (Roberts)
67 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon Don't have one Caroline (24), Tommy (22), Jack (19) After I got my head on straight, I went to UT in Knoxville and Memphis & earned a degree in Medical Records Administration. I returned to Knoxville in 1984 to get married (divorced in 1987). In 1990, I reconnected with someone from my UT days and moved to the Chicago area in 1991 (divorced in May 2018). Keeping stats for the football team. 2018-07-29 17:45:48
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Emery Coffey
2012-08-06 15:05:39
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