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David West
Sales Manager 1968 Mercury Pickup Mrs. Upton 2 Working. Meeting my wife.
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Robert Wiley
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Profile picture
Mechanical Designer VW bug Albach 1 daughter age 29 Moved to Miami in 1986 then to Ft Lauderdale in '87. My daughter, Angela, was born in '89. I moved near Panama City FL in '92. I moved to Dothan Alabama in '07 after my daughter went off to college. For work, I've been designing all kinds of automated machinery since I got out of high school. I love my job and I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm currently working for a cigar manufacturer. After a long hiatus I remarried 4 years ago. Susan and I love traveling and remodeling our old house. I have 3 grandchildren. I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. My favorite trips were to Sidney, Prague, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Rome. Of course we’ve been all over the US too! I love to run and cycle and I still get the skateboard out occasionally.
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Christopher Zink
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Professor of Theatre 1966 Pontiac Tempest/1968 Ford Ranger Mrs. Kiser, Mr Chapman, Mrs Upton 2 After High school I attended Western Carolina University. In the middle of college I took time out and worked and played in Daytona Beach. I returned to WCU as a staff member and finished my BFA degree in Theatre finally in 1988. I Married Mary Bassett of Cullowhee in 1987. I found another staff position at the University of Southern Mississippi prior to graduation from WCU so Mary and my new 10 year old son Joseph moved to Hattiesburg Mississippi. We had a daughter Katherine (Katie) in 1990. I received my MFA in 1992. I continued to work for USM until 1994 and then landed a teaching position that would move us back to NC. I taught for PSU for two years and then changed positions to get closer to the mountains. I have been teaching at Catawba College since then and I am currently the Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts. We just had our first grandson this past January. I love spending time with my family and our pets, four dogs and a cat. I still work on old cars in my spare time. I like to design and work in the regional theatres around the state in the summer. One of the funniest things we did was to climb through the window leading into the drama room in the auditorium then over the wall and down the stage curtain so we could open the side door to build sets at night. Mrs. Kiser just referred to us as the theatre elves that would leave new set pieces each night.
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